Planet of the Timmies
March 24th, 2011 at 11:28 pm

image As I mentioned in my last entry, I started working on the Networking code. However I found it was just bogging me down too much. With a full-time job as a games programmer and a family I don’t find I have huge reserves of time and energy for writing a game on the side so I really need to pick my battles carefully. With that thought, I decided it would be better to get on with something more gameplay related. I need to keep my momentum going.

So what I’ve started on now is the AI. I knew I wanted to use something like a hierarchical finite state machine, and decided in the end to use behaviour trees, similar to those used in Halo 2. At first I used an existing implementation written for Unity called ‘Behave’, but I don’t like the way you always have to compile the tree before you use it. In the end I decided I’d prefer to write my own simpler system. It may not have the snazzy graphical editor, but it seems to work.

So far I’ve only got basic Take-off and follow AI. More soon, hopefully.

As an aside, I think I need to separate some of the aspects of my flight model apart, so guess I may be doing some refactoring soon.

No playable version today, I’m afraid.

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