Planet of the Timmies
March 31st, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Last night I spent a frustrating night trying to work out why my camera script was juddering. I spent ages debugging it, not being able to find anything wrong.

In then end it turned out I had another camera script running on the camera simultaneously which I’d forgotten about. Such a silly mistake cost me about two hours. Anyway, during this time I set the plane up to leave a trail behind it so that I could examine its motion – it’s pink because I haven’t assigned a texture to it. Anyway, it’s kind of fun so I left it in for the time being.


The main thing I’d wanted to do was to add some extra camera modes for looking around the player, and I’ve now done that as well. At the moment it snaps between camera positions, but I’ll smooth out the transition soon.

Click here to play.


Movement: Mouse
Throttle: < & >
Cameras: Cursor keys or ASWD

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